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Legacy Immigration

About Us

    Legacy Immigration Consultants Ltd. is a Canadian based immigration consulting firm that has the mission of maximizing your chances of acquiring a Canadian visa, whether for temporary or permanent reasons. Our goal is to provide you with access to all the tools that you need in order to get from your home country into Canada legally.

    We bring to bear all our resources for your benefit including our professional and accredited staff, who will provide you with the best advice and high quality, personalized service to ensure that you have the best chance of fulfilling your goals and ambitions for visiting or living in Canada.

    Through meticulous analysis of vast amounts of information from the clients and the Canadian government’s side, we seek to help our clients find the best visa for them based on the complex immigration process in Canada.

    Basically, Canadian immigration programs can be quite complex because each of the ten provinces and three territories in Canada has some say into who has access to a visa in their jurisdiction. Through the high-quality service provided by Legacy Immigration Consultants Ltd., you will not have to worry about the whole visa process because we will hold your hand and help you to get the visa that you seek.

    In some rare cases, it may not be possible for you to get a visa. In such instances, we will advise you accordingly before you can get too involved in the process and waste your time and effort unnecessarily on a process in which you lose your time and/or money.

    With that said, we will often help our clients navigate through complex issues that may otherwise prevent you from successfully acquiring your visa. We have assisted a lot of people and our record speaks for itself when it comes to the kind of success rate that we have.

    You can find out more about our successes through the testimonials from our clients who have benefited from our services.

    At Legacy Immigration Consultants Ltd. we highly uphold certain values that have helped us provide success for our clients and for ourselves as beacons of hope and trust in the Canadian immigration and visa application process.

    Some of our values include

    • Honesty and transparency
    • Passion and diligence
    • High Quality and Excellence
    • Personal care and Attention
    • Integrity and Respect
    • Impartiality and Fairness

    Our commitment to you is that we shall provide you with

    • The best possible guidance in your visa application process
    • High-quality service in everything that we do for you
    • A personalized service to make you feel comfortable and informed about the entire visa application process
    • Access to our resources on the ground to help you from your pre-assessment phase right up to the settlement phase after you get your visa.